2013 AQHA and Open Show Fees

One major change for 2013 is that hauling and day fees are to be paid prior to leaving for the show. I will email the amount to all of you with a deadline. The amount will also be written on the envelope provided in the kitchen at the barn. Payment will provide me with the list of horses I am hauling and how many stalls to order. I will not cash the checks until after the show so you can date them for any time up until the last day of the show. This will really help my book keeping!!

I will bill for hotel and tack stalls after the show as those fees will vary depending on number of horses.

  To be paid in advance. Payment reserves your horses slot in the trailer. A fuel surcharge may need to be added if fuel prices increase or fewer that four
horses are hauled. Following are the fees for hauling:
  Monroe: $35 Spokane: $325 Las Vegas, NV: $1.300
  Moses Lake: $210 Spanaway: $85 Columbus, OH: $2,650
  Walla Walla: $300 Lynden: $100 Central Point, OR: $550
Regular Day Fee
  $40 per day. This includes haul in day. Day fee covers coaching, training rides, grooming supplies, feeding and watering horses and my meals.
Does not include my hotel, tack room set up and tear down, stall cleaning, lunging, bathing, grooming, banding, tying in tails etc.
Premium Day Fee
  $60- 100 per day depending on length of show and services provided. This would include tack room set up and tear down, stall cleaning,
banding, lunging, bathing, grooming, saddling etc.
  Divided by number of clients/horses
  $30. Or you can hire whoever you want but must be neatly banded at AQHA or Open shows. (Bands can last 3-4 days)
  Show braider will need to be contacted and hired as I do not braid.
Equipment Rental
  Please check with me ahead of time if you need to borrow equipment.
  Please label all of your equipment, bags etc.
You do not need to bring your own grooming supplies unless you prefer something that I don't provide. Bands to match might be a good idea unless you have a
professional bander lined up as they will have their own